Friday, May 28, 2010


I bet we are all looking forward to a three-day Holiday weekend!!! Hope your weekend is fun-filled!

In math, we were unable to go to FASTT math, so we practiced solving two-digit by two-digit multiplication problems. Then, while the students worked on another multiplication/graphing activity, I met with 3 small groups. The first group worked on calculating elapsed time where regrouping of years to months was needed. The second group did the same but needed to regroup minutes to seconds. The third group identified the end time when given the start and elapsed time. We will review unit 6 next week and take the assessment towards the end of the week.

In reading we worked in small groups to identify juicy details from The Hickory Chair and link them to a character or event in the story. Then we discussed our favorite juicy detail from the story. Hopefully, all of this will make us more aware of the details we include in our writing to support our ideas!

After visiting the media center and enjoying lunch and recess the children will continue working on their second realistic fiction writing pieces, complete any unfinished work and meet in their play groups.

I will meet with the three play groups and help them get organized. My goal is to have them each choose a part and begin reading their lines with proper intonation.

We will end the day reading about the C&O Canal and enjoying Fun Friday (for those who earned it!).

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