Monday, May 17, 2010


What a gloomy start to the week...YUCK!

In math we returned to FASTT math in the computer lab...YEY! We also worked on identifying the units of weight that would be used to measure items (ounces versus pounds) and converting measurements (think: how many cups in a gallon). While the children worked independently, I met with two groups working on elapsed time. One group used addition to solve problems involving seconds. The other focused on using a t-chart and the problems did not include seconds. For homework the students need to complete a calendar worksheet UNLESS they worked in small group with me. If they met with me, they have to finish the classwork that they missed.

Reading began with a lesson about writing good endings. We focused using the technique of foreshadowing. Then I met with the lions group.

Following art, lunch and recess the students are beginning their second realistic fiction writing piece by creating a story map and completing a character sketch. They will also create a cartoon for our next word of the week, flaunt. After that, they can choose to read plays and/or rewrite the dialogue from the plays using proper punctuation.

Lions: We began by discussing (and writing) about a time when we did something we shouldn't have done and decided to tell the truth and face the consequences. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 11. The children completed the chapter on their own and worked on a vocabulary activity. Tonight they need to reread chapter 11 and answer some comprehension questions.

Tigers: We took a break from Bunnicula and spent time completing our planning sheet for the next realistic writing piece. We discussed our ideas for a problem and solution and identified the events in the plot. Sharing this with a group helped give others ideas for their own pieces. Tonight they need to read chapter 5.

Bears: Worked on writing planning sheet.

We are ending the day by identifying similarities and differences between the Aztec culture and that of the residents of Georgetown as we read about it.

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