Friday, May 21, 2010


This morning, in math, we took our second quiz for unit two. The quizzes have been scored and can be found in your child's binder--in the math section, of course! :-)

We began reading by reading the play, Why Mole Lives Underground. We read it twice, working on reading with expression. Then the students were given directions to make a paper model of a Brassica flower. They had to follow the directions, make the plant and then evaluate the directions; write whether or not the directions were well written and identify how they would improve them. While the students worked on this, I conferenced with individual students on their realistic writing pieces.

After eating lunch and enjoying recess the students are continuing to work on their reading task and their writing piece while I meet with reading groups.

Tigers: We worked on writing a summary for chapter 5 together. The children continue to struggle with identifying the main events versus the details.

Bears: We practiced spelling high frequency words on white boards. Then we began reading The Letter. We practiced visualizing what we were reading in our head.

Lions: We met and began reviewing the unknown words that they gathered for homework on Wednesday night.

We will end the day by cross pollinating our plants and reading a book about interdependence. Then, those of us who earned it, will celebrate Fun Friday!

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