Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning, after FASTT math, the students continued plotting points on a graph while I worked with a small group identifying elapsed time. Tonight there is another coordinate graphing worksheet for homework.

We began reading by reading through another play, Phoebe and the Flame-Bellied Toad. This is an original fairy tale set in modern time. Tomorrow the students will select which play they want to perform and begin working in small groups to meet this goal.

After reading the play, we went to the computer lab where the students either worked on publishing pieces of their writing or practiced their typing skills using Type to Learn.

Following lunch and recess the students will work independently on reading group assignments, a new word of the week cartoon and completing their final draft of the second realistic fiction writing piece. I will meet with small groups.

Tigers: We practiced some vocabulary from chapter 6 and then began reading this chapter. Tonight they need to reread pages 62-64 TWICE (fluency).

Bears: We read the chapter called A Letter and identified the events in the beginning. Tomorrow we will focus on the middle and end. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

Lions: We discussed a time we had to say goodbye to someone...interesting discussion...ask your child about it. Tonight they need to read chapter 15 (the final chapter) and list 3-5 unknown words.

We will end the day by continuing our reading about historic Georgetown.

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