Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Still gloomy...YUCK!

After FASTT math we reviewed measuring capacity using milliliters and liters (the metric system). The class worked on a worksheet while I met with two small groups practicing the measurement of elapsed time. The first group worked on regrouping seconds to minutes. The second group identified the end time when the start time and elapsed time were given. There is a two-sided elapsed time worksheet for homework.

In reading we read the book Stellaluna and used the ending of the story as an example of a "satisfying ending". We discussed the fact that a satisfying ending is one in which there is a happily ever after type of ending. This is one way authors can end their stories.

After that we went to the computer lab where students worked on completing their first realistic fiction writing piece (if they haven't finished it), publishing their writing pieces or practicing their typing skills using Type to Learn. We had a lot going on!

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the children worked on reading group assignments, the rough draft for their second realistic fiction writing piece and any unfinished work from yesterday. I met with small groups.

Tigers: Read and discussed chapter 4, again. The students have a follow up worksheet to complete, at home, using the book, for homework!

Bears: Read and discussed most of Across the Railroad tracks...filled out graphic organizer for beginning and middle of the chapter. They need to reread this for homework.

Lions: Tonight they need to read chapter 12 and list 5 new (or interesting) words on the sticky note I gave them.

We are ending the day learning about the parts of a plant.

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