Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This morning, in math, the children completed the unit 5 assessment. They also went to the computer lab for FASTT math. Tomorrow we will begin unit 6, non-linear measurement (elapsed time, capacity, volume, coordinate graphing).

In reading we used The Magic School Bus books to examine dialogue using speech bubbles and rewriting it using quotation marks. Then we went to the computer lab to continue publishing our writing. I also met with students to conference with them about their writing.

Speaking of our writing, I will be in need of a few volunteers (towards the end of the year) to help bind our writing into books. Please let me know if you would be interested in helping with this task.

Following lunch and recess I met with reading groups while the students worked on their independent work from yesterday and their realistic writing pieces.

Tigers: We reviewed their beginning, middle and end charts for chapter 1 and then they completed a follow up worksheet. They have no reading homework this evening...it was a deal I made with them! ;-)

Bears: We reread A Boy on the Street and stopped to summarize what we read. The students need to reread this chapter this evening working on fluency.

Lions: They finished their chapter 3 packets. We met and read and discussed the first half of chapter 4. Tonight they need to finish reading chapter 4 and be prepared to talk about Chester's impression of Times Square.

We are ending the day with a social studies lesson about the Aztec culture. The students will get into small "expert" groups and read about one aspect of the Aztec culture. They will identify 1-3 important facts. Then they will get into their teaching groups and teach/learn about all 4 of the aspects of the Aztec culture.

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