Monday, May 10, 2010


This morning we did not have FASTT math due to a pipe problem in the computer lab. Instead we spent time reviewing elapsed time and reading a schedule and a calendar. After some whole group instruction and review, the students worked independently on two worksheets (reading a calendar and elapsed time) while I met with small groups. I was hoping to meet with a few groups. However, I was only able to meet with a group of students who needed practice with elapsed time. For homework, the students who worked with me in small group need to complete the independent classwork that they missed. All other students have an elapsed time worksheet to complete.

We began reading by discussing the importance of plot in our writing. I surprised the students by telling them that the plot should be their #1 concern as a writer! Then I modeled taking an idea and planning the plot (problem, solution and events leading from the problem to the solution).

Prior to going to art, lunch and recess, I was able to meet with the Lions reading group. After recess I met with the others while the students worked on reading group assignments, a cartoon for our new word of the week "drowsy" and their realistic fiction writing piece.

Lions: We recounted a time we made a mistake and had to pay a consequence. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 8. After that they worked on a vocabulary and comprehension question packet. Tonight they need to reread chapter 8.

Tigers: We began rereading and discussing chapter 3. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

Bears: We read and discussed the chapter called The Accident. As we read we completed a graphic organizer to aid our comprehension. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

We are ending the day by using our bee stick to cross pollinate our plants. If time allows we will also review the Aztec culture using the charts we created last week.

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