Thursday, May 27, 2010


This morning, after going to FASTT math, the students completed a 2 question "pop-quiz" (for lack of a better term!). This helped me gauge how well the students are understanding elapsed time. Many students demonstrated a strong understanding. Those who did not, worked with me in a small group today. The other students worked on multiplication and graphing skills using a worksheet. Those who did not complete the worksheet in class need to do so for homework. There will not be a quiz tomorrow but we will take the unit 6 assessment towards the end of next week!

As we come to the close of the school year and begin to finish our reading group novels, we will be focusing on imp00roving our writing and presenting plays during our reading and writing block. So, this morning we began discussing how we can improve our ideas, in our writing, by using more, as well as, better details to create visuals in our reader's minds. WE read a book called The Hickory Chair. This book was unfamiliar to all. So, after our first reading we remembered as many of the details as we could.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will work independently to add details to their writing and complete their realistic fiction piece. They will also work in their play groups to begin assigning parts and reading their parts using proper inflection.

Tigers: We reviewed some vocabulary specific to chapter 6 and then continued reading and discussing this chapter. Tonight they need to finish reading the chapter and find out the newest method of destroying a vampire.

Bears: We reviewed the beginning of the chapter called The Letter. Then we reread the entire chapter and completed the middle and end sections of our graphic organizer. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

We are ending the day by going to Mr. Vogel's room to watch a DVD about plants, bees and pollination.

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