Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June!!!

This morning, in math, the students worked on a unit 6 review packet. We will go over the review packet, item by item, tomorrow in class. We will take the assessment on Friday. For homework there is a multiplication basic facts worksheet. It says it is a timed test...it is NOT! It can be used that way BUT I told the students that I don't want them to time themselves. I want them to concentrate on solving each problem correctly!

In reading we reviewed the juicy details from The Hickory Chair graphic organizer. Then the students chose a familiar object from the classroom and completed a juicy detail graphic organizer to help describe the object. After that, each student wrote a paragraph using juicy details to describe the object WITHOUT naming it. Finally, we shared the paragraphs out loud and guessed what object each student was describing.

After that we went to the computer lab where some students worked on publishing their writing. Others practiced their key boarding skills using a program called Type to Learn.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will work on their plays in small groups.

We ended the day by watching a DVD about plants and trees with Mr. Vogel's class.

Please remind your child to wear a white top tomorrow. The entire school will be taking a photo to put in the school's time capsule!

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