Monday, May 24, 2010


This morning in math we practiced locating coordinates (ordered pairs) on a grid. I taught the students two tricks to remember which number is the horizontal axis and which is the vertical. One way is that you must walk over to the stairs in order to walk up them. The other is that an airplane must fly across the runway before flying up into the sky. While the students worked independently on using coordinates to creates a mystery picture, I met with a small group to practice calculating elapsed time. There is a worksheet (coordinate graphing) for homework tonight.

We began reading by discussing fables and their relationship to ancient India. Then we identified the meaning of vocabulary from our next play, an Indian fable, The Lion and the Rabbit. After that Mrs. Head and Mrs. Hepner met with their groups while I met with the lions group.

We began by discussing an ancient Chinese proverb and how it relates to Chester's current situation in the book. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 14.

This afternoon, following art, lunch and recess, we will go to a chorus concert at 2:15. Since reading will be cut short, instead of meeting with reading groups, we will read through the play as a whole group. Following the concert it will be time for dismissal!

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