Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost there!

Today marks the last full day of this school year!

This morning we enjoyed our annul SGA Movie Day. We watched The Tale of Despereaux and enjoyed a snack of chips and water. After that, my reading class received their bound book or writing they have published throughout the year. (Thanks Mrs. Sennewald and Mrs. MacFarland!!) They had time to color and illustrate their writing and create a front cover.

Following lunch and recess the students cleaned their desk by playing with shaving cream. Then we had our first "Step Up Day". Each grade level traveled to the next grade levels teacher in order to get a feel for what next year will be like. It was a great experience! After that, the students enjoyed Popsicles (a gift from Mr. Vogel and I) and got yearbook (or paper) signatures from teachers and friends.

I believe, a great day was had by ALL!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Winding Down

Well, today we begin our last week of school. It is truly bittersweet, as I have truly enjoyed this year!

In math, we continued playing 24. Then , during our reading block, the students practiced their plays for the final time. After that, we went to art for the last time this year.

Following lunch and recess, we performed our plays, for the finals time, for family members. Then we ended our day by presenting our career packets, to the class, with the help of Mrs. Howard.

Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning in math we played a game called 24. In short, the students were given 4 one-digit numbers that they had to manipulate (using addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division) in order to end up with the number 24. We had a great time! Here is a better explanation...http://www.firstinmath.com/visitor/visitor-aboutus.asp

After math we will practice our plays in small groups. Then we will visit the media center and enjoy lunch and recess.

Following recess we will perform our plays for Mr. Vogel's reading class. Then we will enjoy Fun Friday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Career Day

I was out attending my son's class play yesterday...therefore, no blog update!

This morning we participated in a fabulous event, thanks to Mrs. Howard...Career Day! After signing up for two different sessions, we had the opportunity to hear about the careers and ask questions. We also had a chance to ask questions of all of the 12 participants. The careers included a fitness instructor, a photographer, a banker, a nurse, a PR/play-by-play broadcaster from the Frederick Keys, a postmaster, a realtor, a restaurant owner, a newspaper employee, firefighters and policemen (one k-9!). It was a wonderful morning!

Of course, prior to going to music, lunch and recess, we began writing thank you notes!

This afternoon we will continue working on our plays.

We will end the day with a counseling lesson by Mrs. Howard.

Our plays will be performed on Monday, June 14 at 1:45 in our classroom. A notice will be coming home today!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday - A Celebration!

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. We had Field Day all day and there really wasn't much to say! The weather was gorgeous, the kids were well-behaved...it was a fabulous day!

This morning the entire school attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new playground on the lower field and then went to the ceremony in which the time capsules, in honor of DES's 75th anniversary, were buried. After that the students celebrated with cake!

It really was a special morning! The PTA did an amazing job of commemorating these two special events while managing almost 300 students!!!

After that, the entire third grade went to the music room to hear about the school's instrumental music program from the teacher, Mr. Mitchell.

Then my reading class returned to the classroom to work on their plays in small groups.

Following lunch and recess the students will take turns performing their plays (for the first time) in front of their reading classmates. Then Mrs. Howard will visit us to explain Career Day, and the sign-up procedure for it, to us.

There is no homework...look for a letter about the plays soon, hopefully, today!

Friday, June 4, 2010


ALL media center books were due back today!!! If you child still has a book at home, please send it back on Monday!

In math we took our final assessment, for unit 6, of the year.

In reading, this morning, we worked in small groups on our plays. We will be performing our plays, for parents, on Tuesday, June 15, in the afternoon. A letter will be coming home on Monday. I have already warned the students that this is short notice and some parents will be unable to come. I also assured the children that even if their parents couldn't attend it was not a reflection on the love or importance of the child to the parent. :-)

Following media, lunch and recess the students will continue working in their small groups.

At 2:00 some students will get to go to the Luau in celebration of the school's reading incentive program. The students who remain in the classroom will create posters advertising the Mega-Deluxe Capitalization Machine.

Those who earned it will participate in Fun Friday at the end of the day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Band and Strings Concert

This morning, instead of math, we went to the DES Spring Band and Strings Concert. I was so impressed with the abilities of our 4th and 5th graders. It was a fabulous concert!

Prior to going to the show, we completed our plant unit by opening up the seed pods and realizing that one seed can produce8 or more seeds that can be planted and grow new plants. Amazing!

After the show, we went to reading class. Our class continued working on the conventions trait of writing. We first read the story, The Mega-Deluxe Capitalization Machine, and discussed the rules addressed in the book. Then the students completed a graphic organizer to help them plan a poster advertising the Mega-Deluxe Capitalization Machine. We will create the posters tomorrow morning.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will continue working on their plays in their small groups. Today I will attempt to meet with each group to begin staging of the movements.

We will end the day by continuing to read and take notes about the conflict and compromise associated with the building of the C&O Canal.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

75th Pic!

This morning the entire school gathered on the lower field to form the number 75 in recognition of DES's 75th anniversary. A picture was taken and will be put in our time capsule! A special thank you goes out to the PTA, especially Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Sennewald and Mrs. Johnson, for organizing this great idea!

After that we returned to business as usual...MATH! During our math class we reviewed the unit 6 review packet item by item. This packet should have all of the correct answers and be used to prepare (study) for the unit 6 assessment which be take place on Friday!

During our reading block we began focusing on the conventions (capitalization and punctuation) trait of writing. First, we brainstormed the rules we know. Then we took a "conventions walk" around the building noting correct and incorrect usage in our writer's notebook.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students worked in small groups on their plays. I met with each group to do a "reading" of their script.

We will end the day reading and discussing the conflicts and compromise associated with the C&O Canal.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June!!!

This morning, in math, the students worked on a unit 6 review packet. We will go over the review packet, item by item, tomorrow in class. We will take the assessment on Friday. For homework there is a multiplication basic facts worksheet. It says it is a timed test...it is NOT! It can be used that way BUT I told the students that I don't want them to time themselves. I want them to concentrate on solving each problem correctly!

In reading we reviewed the juicy details from The Hickory Chair graphic organizer. Then the students chose a familiar object from the classroom and completed a juicy detail graphic organizer to help describe the object. After that, each student wrote a paragraph using juicy details to describe the object WITHOUT naming it. Finally, we shared the paragraphs out loud and guessed what object each student was describing.

After that we went to the computer lab where some students worked on publishing their writing. Others practiced their key boarding skills using a program called Type to Learn.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will work on their plays in small groups.

We ended the day by watching a DVD about plants and trees with Mr. Vogel's class.

Please remind your child to wear a white top tomorrow. The entire school will be taking a photo to put in the school's time capsule!

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