Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May and It's Monday!

Welcome to May! Heat and humidity....summer is right around the corner!

In math we began taking the unit 5 assessment. Since it is Monday, we began with a warm up and then going to FASTT math. We didn't begin the assessment until the second half of the math block. We will complete the assessment tomorrow.

In reading we practiced using a "before reading" reading strategy that helps us focus during reading and builds comprehension. We received a new issue of Nation Geographic and before reading the first article, we listed the headings and wrote a question for each one. During our reading we looked for answers to our questions. If there was one in the article, we added that to our chart. If not, no worries...after all, the purpose was to guide our reading in en effort to retain more information.

Following art, lunch and recess we will work on reading group assignments, complete a comprehension worksheet for the National Geographic article and create a cartoon for the new vocabulary word "pact".

Tigers: We will begin a new novel, Bunnicula. We will read and discuss chapter 1. For homework they need to reread chapter 1.

Bears: We will read and discuss The Boy on the Street, the next chapter in our novel. Tonight they need to pages 45-49 and be prepared to explain why Al is angry.

Lions: Will work on a packet for chapter 3 and read chapter three. Tonight they need to reread chapter 3 and finish the language activity in the packet.

We will end the day reading about the culture of the Aztecs.

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