Thursday, May 20, 2010


This morning in math we worked on reading thermometers in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. We also estimated the correct temperature based on activities in a picture. There is a telling time, using an analog clock, worksheet for homework and we WILL have a quiz tomorrow!

We began reading with some old business...last week I received mail from a third grade class in Pennsylvania who is taking part in a project called the Great Mail Race. They are gathering information from third grade classes across the United States. So, our class, as a group, responded to their questionnaire and read about their school After that we selected 4 different plays, from which we will eventually narrow down to three, that we will use in small groups, to perform. I mentioned this idea in an earlier post this week.

After going to music, lunch and recess the students worked independently while I met with small groups.

Tigers: They suggested that since chapter 5 was so long, we do something else in group. I thought about it and decided that was a fair request. So we worked as a group to revise and edit their writing pieces.

Bears: We worked on revising and editing our realistic fiction writing pieces, too.

We ended the day by watching a video about bees and pollination.

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