Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Testing Tuesday!

This morning MY reading class took the final MAP-R for this school year. This is the reading assessment that is given three times a year to students in grades 3-5. It is completed on the computer and self adjusts based on the performance of the student. The children took their time and used their strategies! I couldn't be more pleased with their efforts. There will not be any reading homework tonight, and possibly tomorrow, as a reward!

Prior to the MAP-R testing we did squeeze in some math. In math we continued working on elapsed time and reading a calendar. WE also identified the sequence of events. I met with another group to work on elapsed time and was elated to see some improvement!!!! There is an elapsed time worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz on Friday.

Following the MAP-R testing we stayed in the computer lab (it is our regularly scheduled computer time). The students got to pick between publishing their writing, working on type to learn or playing the educational games that they can access through the school's web site.

Then they will go to lunch and indoor recess. After that, the fun ends!!!LOL! WE will be meeting with reading groups and working on our realistic fiction writing pieces.

Tigers: We will discuss the unusual happenings in chapter 3 and then the students will complete a follow up worksheet!

Bears: We will use our graphic organizers to retell The Accident and then the students will complete a follow up worksheet.

Lions: We will read and discuss chapter 9.

We will end the day by cross pollinating our plants using our bee sticks. Then we watch a video about bees and pollination.

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