Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wax Museum Thursday

In math we began calculating elapsed time. I showed the students two using a "Judy" clock (just a small handheld instructional analog clock) and the other by creating a number line of sorts. They worked, independently, on a worksheet while I met with two small groups. One small group practiced telling time using an analog clock. The other practiced solving multiplication problems. Tonight there is an elapsed time worksheet for homework. No quiz tomorrow!

During reading we had the pleasure of visiting the fourth grade famous Marylanders wax museum. The 4th grade students did a fabulous job, thanks to their amazing teachers, and our students learned a lot!!

Following music, lunch and recess the students will work on any unfinished work, individual reading group assignments and their realistic fiction writing piece.

Tigers: Will share vocab words from yesterday's follow up to group. Then they will retell chapter 2 and read and discuss chapter 3.

Bears: Will develop a list of -ou words in their RRJ, using The Medal. Then they will reread the Medal working on fluency and inflection. They will also practice retelling that chapter.

Lions: Will read chapter 7 and examine two vocabulary words from that chapter.

We will end the day by making bee sticks to use for cross pollination of our plants.

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