Thursday, May 13, 2010


This morning in math be identified the common units for measuring capacity and their conversions. We used a story about a garden to help us keep track of the number of quarts in a gallon, pints in a quart and cups in a pint. A copy of this story is in each students math section of their binder. We also got to go to the computer lab, for the first time this week, for FASTT , math. By the time we finished and returned to class, there was limited time to complete the classwork. So, tonight, the students need to finish their classwork, as well as complete another worksheet for homework. We will have a quiz tomorrow on measuring time. Capacity will not be on the quiz!

We began reading by sharing the directions each student wrote on how to brush your teeth. Then we evaluated another set of directions, which I provided. We identified and discussed what was better about the provided set of directions and what we would change to improve it. After that, I modeled how to take dialogue from a play and, using a tag and proper punctuation, turn it into a quotation.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will take a set of instructions and rewrite them using improvements to make them easier to follow. They will also work on individual reading group assignments, their realistic writing pieces and writing quotations using dialogue from a play. I will meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Began reading chapter 4. Discussed new vocabulary. Tonight they need to reread pages 37-42.

Bears: Began reading Across the Railroad Tracks.

Lions: Finished reading chapter 10. Tonight they need to reread the chapter for homework.

We will end the day by cross pollinating our plants and reading about the ancient city of Georgetown.

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