Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hump Day

In math we began unit 6 by reviewing telling time on an analog clock and identifying times as AM or PM. For homework the students need to complete their classwork worksheet.

We began reading by getting in small groups to rewrite speech bubbles from The Magic School Bus using tags and quotation marks. After that we began meeting in reading groups.

Following PE, lunch and recess we continued small group instruction while the rest of the class worked independently. The independent work included the National Geographic comprehension worksheet, the pact vocabulary cartoon and, of course, their realistic fiction writing piece.

Lions: Began by discussing Chester's overall impression of Times Square. Then we read and discussed chapter 5, as a group. Finally, the students read chapter 6 independently and worked on a comprehension packet.

Tigers: Read and discussed chapter 2. They need to reread chapter 2 for homework...working on fluency!! They were each assigned two vocabulary words from this chapter. After group, they used the dictionary to discover it's meaning and then drew a symbol of the word and used it in a sentence.

Bears: Previewed (independently) the chapter entitled, The Medal. Then they came to group with a list of unknown words. We identified the meaning of these words and practiced writing some of them. Then we read the chapter out loud, stopping along the way to summarize what had taken place. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

We are ending the day with the students meeting in their expert groups to finalize the information they gathered about their assigned aspect of the Aztec culture. Then the students will meet in their teaching groups to teach the others about what they have learned.

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