Monday, October 3, 2011

Marvelous Monday

This morning in reading we began reading the story Strega Nona and identifying different problems and solutions in the story. Then we were introduced to a new word of the week, immense (very large, huge). After that, we practiced writing the letters r and s in cursive. While I met with small groups, the students worked independently on a contraction activity, a cursive worksheet and a WOW worksheet for immense.

Reading Groups:
Cheetahs: We practiced covering up the endings in words to decode unknown words. Then we read the third chapter in the Bee Puzzle to find out what Mr. Henry does to calm the bees. Tonight the students need to reread that section and get a parent signature in their binder.
Bears: We practiced using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words. The word we used in group, scowled, was in the current chapter we are reading. Then we began reading chapter 2 to identify how Ben feels about Aunt Rose. For homework the students need to reread chapter 2 and get a parent's signature in their planner.

In math we reviewed reading pictographs. The students worked on a follow up worksheet while I met with a small group reviewing numeric patterns. For homework they need to complete a subtraction worksheet that we began in class.

Following music the students enjoyed lunch and recess. After recess we used the text called The Write Track to read about the structure of a paragraph. Then we chose a new topic to write about and discussed our topic with partners. A few brave students even volunteered to share their ideas.

When the students returned to their seats, before continuing their independent work from the morning, they planned their next writing piece in their writer's notebook using the 5 W's...who, what, where, when and why.

Reading Groups:
Crabs: The students reread the book and completed a worksheet putting a list of 9 events in the correct order. No homework, tonight, for this group.
Lions:We used contact clues to try to figure out the meaning of unknown words and phrases, such as, "her face was like winter." Then we read and discussed the chapter called, A Game. Tonight the students need to reread The Game and get a parent's signature in their planner.

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Oh my adorable brother, that translation is awesome! Thanks for creating and sharing it.

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