Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mad Day! wasn't a bad day...not THAT kind of Mad...

Today was our in-house field trip with Mad Science!!! The students participated in many forensic experiments as they helped Miss Roberta, from Mad Science, solve the crime of who stole her double stuffed Oreos. Enjoy the pictures!!

After our "field trip" we began our reading block. We continued reading the book Giraffes and identifying text features and their purpose. Then the students began their independent work which included individual reading group assignments and writing a thank you note to Miss Roberta, our mad science presenter.

Reading Groups:
Cheetahs: We continued reading Christina Katerina and the Time She Quit the Family, working on our fluency and retelling short sections of the text right after we read them.

Bears: We reviewed their lists of unknown words from last night's homework. Then we shared and responded to the questions the students had written as part of their reading group work earlier in the morning.

Before lunch and recess we went to the computer lab. The students continued publishing their personal narratives. After indoor recess, some students share their writing before continuing their independent work.

Reading Groups:
Crabs: We reviewed unknown words from their homework last night. Then the students shared the questions they had written this morning after rereading the chapter, independently, in class. We had fun reviewing the chapter by answering student written questions!

Lions: This morning they made a chart, in their RRJ, depicting the beginning, middle and end of the chapter called The Medal. We shared and discussed these in group this afternoon and the students had the chance to make changes based on our discussion.

We ended the day with a short class meeting. We discussed Mix It Up Day which took place today during lunch.

Book orders are due next Friday, October 28. There is a note coming home today about our Halloween party.

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