Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Thursday

This morning we FINALLY finished reading George Washington's Breakfast and identified the important information...he ate 3 hoecakes and drank 3 cups of tea, each morning at 7 am, for breakfast. Then the students worked on reading group assignments, an a, an or the exercise from their language arts book and practiced writing the letters A,O and D in cursive.

Cheetahs: We used sound boxes to practice spelling high frequency words. Then we did a picture walk through our new book. After that, I introduced some vocabulary from the story. Finally, we began reading to see if Christina likes quitting the family. Tonight they need to reread up to the sticky note that we placed in their books. Again, the purpose of rereading is to improve fluency.

In math we collected data regarding the number of pets owned by students in our math class. Then the students created a line plot using the data and determined the median (middle data point), mode (most often occurring point) and range (smallest to largest).

I was able to meet with two small groups. One group practiced rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred. The other group worked on writing four digit numbers in expanded and standard form.

There is a subtraction worksheet for homework.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess we continued with independent work and reading groups.
Bears: We reviewed their beginning, middle and end sticky notes. Then we discussed how to write a summary. After that the students returned to their seats to write a summary of chapter 8 in their RRJ.

Crabs: Earlier in the day the students read chapter 3 independently and listed unknown words. When we got to group, we reviewed their lists of unknown words and practiced chunking larger words to help decode them. Then we read and discussed chapter 3. Finally, the students split into 2 small groups and reread the chapter to improve their fluency.

Lions: Earlier in the day the students read the chapter called The Boy on the Street independently to find out who the boy was. In group we identified who the boy was and discussed how Sarah Ida has changed from the beginning of the book, as well as, possible reasons for the change.

This afternoon many students had time to catch up on unfinished work. It was a very productive day!!

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