Friday, September 30, 2011


Whew...we made it! It has been a crazy week...early dismissal, day off, etc. I am looking forward to a five day week, next week, so we can get back to our routine!

This morning, during our reading language arts block, the students completed any and all unfinished work from the week.

During math we created a class pictograph that displayed student birthdays from our math class. Then the children completed a follow up worksheet while I met with a small group to check-in on their subtraction with regrouping skills. I am proud and excited to share that the entire group successfully solved two challenging problems. WOO HOO!

After math, the students visited the media center and enjoyed lunch and recess. When they return, Mrs. Howard will stop by to do a counseling lesson. We will end the day by identifying examples from the tree types of resources (natural, human and capital) that are needed to grow corn on a farm. If time allows, we will also identify the difference between wants and needs.

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