Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hat Day

As we continue celebrating Red Ribbon week the students wore hats today in order to remember to "Put a Cap on Drugs". Tomorrow is pajama day. Students are reminded to Follow their Dreams by staying away from drugs.

This morning we continued reading Race to the South Pole and identifying example of cause and effect. Then the students worked on individual reading group assignments, choosing the correct article (a, an or the) and writing M, N and W in cursive, while I met with reading groups.

Cheetahs: We previewed our new book, Ostriches, and identified text features. Then we began reading the text and orally answering comprehension questions.

In math we took the unit 1 assessment. I can't wait to grade these (really!) because I know the children are going to do well!!!!

Before lunch and recess we visited the computer lab. We began with a whole group lesson, reviewing how to save work and how to identify what you have open by looking at the bar on the bottom of the computer screen. Then the students finished publishing their pieces and practiced their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn.

After lunch and recess more students shared their published writing pieces with the class. Then we discussed our next writing focus; writing to inform. We talk about what makes us expert in certain topics. This was in preparation for tomorrow's lesson where students will list topics in which they are experts.

While the students continued their independent work, I met with reading groups.

Bears: We identified vocabulary words in text and read the sentences to figure out the meaning of the words. Then we discussed that many words in our language have multiple meanings and when we look them up in the dictionary we need to choose the meaning that fits the text.
Crabs: This morning the students wrote a summary of chapter 6 in the RRJ. This afternoon we began reading chapter 7 and discussed the embarrassment that Judy faced due to her bragging.
Lions: We discussed how many students in our group jumped to conclusions about Kicker while reading Across the Railroad Tracks. WE identified how Kicker had changed and wanted to help Sarah Ida.

We are ending the day with a short class meeting.

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