Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy Thursday

Today, in honor of Red Ribbon Week, the students wore pajamas in order to remember to "Follow their Dreams". Tomorrow is a school spirit day. Students should wear their Damascus ES gear. In the afternoon we will celebrate Halloween with a parade and party. Students should bring their costumes to school in a bag marked with their names. NO MAKE UP OR WEAPONS should be brought to school...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

During reading, the students worked in their table groups to chart examples of cause and effect from assigned pages in Race to the South Pole. We began sharing these charts, and adding to them, as a whole class. We will continue this tomorrow.

While I met with reading groups the students worked on individual group assignments, completed a a/an activity and practiced writing H, X and K in cursive.

Crabs: We met first and finished reading and discussing chapter 7, the final chapter in the book. They will reread chapter 7 and chart the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ, later this afternoon.
Cheetahs: In group, the students reread page 6 and wrote one example of cause and effect on a sticky note. WE discussed the two examples that were on this page. The students are still struggling with separating which is the cause and which is the effect.

In math we began our second unit which focuses on linear measurement. This unit seems to be "easy" but in the past, students really struggle with it! Hopefully, this will not be the case this year!

Today, I reviewed how to measure in inches using a ruler. Then the students broke into two groups. One group used the iPads to practice their basic facts. The other group met with me to use rulers to measure objects in the classroom. Then the groups switched.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess the students will brainstorm topics they know a lot about and list these topics, in their writing journal, for use in pieces when we write to inform. They will also continue independent work from this morning.

Lions: We will reread the chapter called "A Letter" and discuss who wrote the letter and what it said.
Bears: We will reread chapter 13 and quiz each other with the questions the students wrote earlier in the day.

We will end the day by identifying examples of supply and demand.

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