Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Today is the first day of Red Ribbon effort to teach our children to say no to drugs and alcohol. To get the week started off right, Officer Dixon visited our class to speak with the students about the effects of making bad choices. Tomorrow the students are asked to wear jeans to remember to stay away from drugs.

After Officer Dixon left, I spoke to the class about their science activity from Thursday. Many students did not seem to put effort into this assignment. I found it disappointing. These have been graded and returned to students but they have been told that they can explain their answers (in writing, of course, and turn it back in by Friday, in order to get a higher score.

Next, we went to math. In my math class the students spent the entire block working on a review packet for the unit 1 assessment. Most students worked independently while I worked with a small group. Tomorrow we will review each problem in the packet and the students will bring the CORRECTED packet home to use to prepare for the assessment on Wednesday. There is no homework tonight.

After math the children went to music and then enjoyed lunch and recess. During recess they participated in the Homeless Walk.

We began the afternoon by identifying examples of cause and effect. The children worked on a follow up worksheet and practiced writing I and J in cursive while I met with one reading groups.

Lions: We began reading the chapter called The Accident. WE stopped halfway through the chapter so that the students could write a prediction as to what Sarah Ida will do after AL gives her the key and goes to the hospital by ambulance. Tomorrow they will finish reading the chapter to check their prediction.

We are ending the day in the computer lab. Most students will continue publishing their writing piece while those who are finished will practice their typing skills using Type to Learn.

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