Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hump Day...

This morning we read the story Flossie and the Fox and identified the plot. Then the students worked on individual reading group assignments, identified contractions and practiced writing a, d, and g in cursive, while I met with reading groups.

Cheetahs: We identified problems and solutions from The Bee Puzzle. We charted these on a worksheet.
Bears: We reviewed the "surprise" from last night's homework and discussed whether or not this was a good surprise. Then we began reading the chapter called Mysterious Noises. After recess, the students completed reading this chapter independently and identified what Ben finds on a sticky note.

In math we constructed bar graphs. Our focus today was choosing appropriate scales. While students worked independently on a graph about the weights of animals, I worked with a small group on expanded notation and writing 4 and 5 digit numbers in standard form.

After math we had a class meeting. We began with a group share where each student finished the sentence, I wish... Then we complimented each other. Finally, we discussed the need to SLOW down and put EFFORT into our work.

Following lunch and recess I demonstrated to the students how to choose a topic to write about and then complete a 5 W's chart and a storyboard for the topic.

Then the students continued working independently while I met with a reading group.

Crabs: We began a new book called Jenius. We worked on breaking down large words into small, familiar chunks, as we read and discussed chapter 1. After we read the chapter I pointed out that the students were able to read the words int he chapter but it was slow. Therefore, we need to work on fluency. We improve this by rereading text. Tonight they need to reread chapter 1...working on FLUENCY!!!

We ended the day by identifying fingerprint patterns.

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