Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

This morning we finished reading Strega Nona and completed the class problem and solution chart. For independent work the students were assigned a story map for the book. They also were expected to create a storyboard, using the 5 W's planning sheet in their writing journal, for their next writing piece and complete a cursive worksheet for the letters p, f and j.

Reading Groups:
Bears: We identified examples of dialogue in chapter 3 and learned punctuation rules for it. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 3 to discover the surprise. Tonight they need to read the entire chapter and write what the surprise is on the sticky note I gave them.

Math was exciting this morning!!! Our school has received a very generous donation of iPads. SO, after reviewing how to construct bar graphs, I demonstrated, to the class, how to play a basic facts game on the iPad. Today, after constructing a bar graph independently, those who finished early, got to play the basic facts game on an iPad. There is a graphing worksheet for homework.

Following PE, the students went to lunch and recess. When they returned to class the students had a chance to share their storyboards in preparation to write their rough draft for their story. Then the students continued working on their independent work while I met with more reading groups.

Lions: We discussed how Sarah Ida feels about herself and used evidence from the book to support our thoughts. Then we began reading the chapter On the Avenue. While reading the chapter we discussed the concept of a shoeshine stand. For homework the students need to finish reading the chapter and write down the name of the owner of the shoeshine stand on the sticky note I gave them.
Cheetahs: we read the final chapter in their book and discussed how the bees helped the apples grow. Tonight the students need to reread the chapter and get a parent signature in their planner.


MellieMel said...

Tre was so proud to show me cursive homework. "Mama, how do you write so fast!?" - for years he's been asking me that. LOL!

Dana Holman said...

Thanks for the comment!!! I love to hear what is going on at home!!

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