Monday, October 17, 2011


This morning we shifted our focus in reading to non-fiction text, reading to be informed. To begin this unit, the students worked in groups, using the National Geographic magazine, to list text features on white boards. The groups then "taught the class" by telling them to turn to a certain page in the magazine and pointing out text features, using the ELMO, so the class could follow along.

After that the students worked independently on reading group assignments, a prefix exercise from their language arts text, writing the letters C, E and Q in cursive and making cards for Bus Driver Appreciation Day on Thursday.

In math we reviewed line plots and median, mode and range. The students constructed line plots and identified the median, mode and range independently while I worked with a small group constructing bar graphs. When both the small group and independent workers were ALL finished, the entire class practiced their basic facts using iPads. There is a line plot worksheet for homework.

Following music, lunch and outdoor recess we read the book called Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis. Then the children chose a feeling/mood and wrote about it. We will compile these papers into a class book.

Reading Groups:
Bears: We got ready to meet but I realized we were missing half our I immediately sent them back to work independently.

Lions: We identified and discussed the beginning, middle and end of the chapter called The Boy on the Street. Tomorrow the students will write summaries in their RRJs.

Crabs: We discussed talked about what Judy and Jenius have in common...both feel ignored by their parents. Then I introduced some new vocabulary in chapter 4. We will begin reading this chapter tomorrow.

We ended the day with a SHORT trip to the computer lab where the students continued to publish their writing pieces. Those who finished were allowed to change the font and insert 1 picture into their document. These will be printed, scored and sent home! It has truly been a valuable experience for the students to see the red, green and blue squiggly lines pointing our their spelling and grammar mistakes!!

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