Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wonderful Thursday

There is no school this Thursday is kind of like a Friday!

We began the day by taking our spelling test and correcting/reviewing the prefix pages in our spelling packet. After that the students were given independent reading group assignments and a non fiction article about Trick-or-Treating to read and use to answer a comprehension worksheet.

Reading Groups:
Cheetahs: We finished reading Christina Katerina. As we read each page we paused to silently reread before retelling what happened on that page.

In math I introduced line graphs. The students finished constructing a lone graph and then responded to questions about the graph. Two small groups met. One worked on writing numbers in expanded and standard form. The other worked on constructing bar graphs.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess, the students will be working with a substitute. I have to attned my son's parent conference!

In writing they will review how to edit for conventions such as, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and useage. Then they will continue their independent work while the teacher meets with reading groups.

Crabs: They will review the list of unknow words they created when reading chapter 6, independently, this morning. Then they will begin to read the chapter aloud in group.

Lions: Will write a summary of The Medal using our discussion and their BME chart.

Bears: Will review the list of unknown words they created while reading chapter 11, independently, this morning. Then they will check their comprehension by sharing the questions they wrote about the chapter.

The students will end the day with a science lesson. THey will use the fingerprints they identified from the safe, earlier this week, to determine the robber of the safe. Then they will compare and contract their fingerprint to another fingerprint, and write about it, to reflect upon their knowledge of fingerprint patterns.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week...students should wear red on Monday in honor of it!

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