Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Very Productive Day!

Yesterday I felt as though things were beginning to settle into a routine and today I was proven correct! WOO HOO!

This morning, in math, we reviewed numeric patterns and subtraction with regrouping. Then the class worked independently while I met with small groups. One group worked to comprehend the process of identify the rule for a numeric pattern and then using that rule to extend the pattern. Another group worked on ordering two and three digit numbers. Tonight there is a numeric patterns worksheet. We will have our first quiz tomorrow, too.

After math, we proceeded to our newly formed reading classes. In my class we began by reading two "stories" about aliens. One story was brief. The other was much longer due to its inclusion of many vivid and descriptive words and phrases (one student called these "exciting" words...LOVE that!). We discussed the use of sensory images in writing and the benefits to both the reader and the writer. Then, I introduced a new planning sheet for writing personal narratives.

While I met with reading groups, the students worked independently on drawing a picture to go with the more descriptive Aliens story, completing a planning sheet for their next writing piece and practicing the letters "h" and "k" in cursive.

Reading Groups:

Blue: Scanned the book and listed unknown words. Then we reviewed their unknown words and began reading Amelia's is a story about the daughter of an immigrant worker. For homework, the students need to reread the book, up to the sticky note, and answer the question, "Do you feel sorry for Amelia? Why/ why not?" in their RRJ.

Green: Scanned the text of A Good Dessert and listed unknown words. We reviewed the words and read the entire book. For homework the students need to reread the book and write about how Stan and Carmen changed in the story, in their RRJ.

Red: This group went last today and therefore didn't get as much of my time...I will meet with them first tomorrow! They need to read their book for homework and list any unknown words on the sticky note that is on the front cover.

Following lunch and recess, the children visited the media center. When they return, Mrs. Howard will conduct a lesson called, "All About Me!" with them.

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