Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Settling in...

We have completed our fall reading testing and created reading classes based on the data...we have gotten through the numerous days off...I believe we are beginning to finally settle into a routine...(fingers crossed!)

This morning in math we reviewed the two steps needed to extend a numeric pattern. The students took notes in their math journals and then attempted to sue those notes to complete their independent work. While I did see some progress, I noted that many continued to struggle. Across the class, many students are experiencing challenges when faced with a subtraction problem that requires regrouping. So, tomorrow, we will review that skill. Tonight there is a place value worksheet. Also, the students will take their first place value quiz on Friday.

After math, students went to their newly assigned reading class. Since this was the first day with a new reading class, I spent time reviewing expectations and class routines. While we did not get to reading groups today, I felt the time was well spent. We will begin reading groups tomorrow!

We did read the story Miss Rumphius and identify character traits for the main character, as well as, discussing how she changed from the beginning to the end of the story. The students wrote about a character trait in their RRJ. Additionally, the students worked with a new word of the week, "immense" and they practiced writing the lower case letters "l" and "b" in cursive.

Following lunch and recess the students went to PE. When they return to the classroom we will identify fingerprint patterns on a worksheet. This will help to ensure that we are all on the same page.

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