Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I think interruptions will be the name of the game this week...but that's okay, we can be flexible!!!

We did not have school yesterday, due to Labor Day and we will not be in school on Thursday, due to the Jewish New Year. On top of that, all third grade students took the MAP-R (more about that, in a few minutes) this morning AND we have an assembly this afternoon. Therefore, we have been and will be making many adjustments to our schedule! BUT that's how we roll...

Our math class was shortened this morning so that Mr. Vogel's homeroom could be ready to take the MAP-R. So, we did not get a chance for small group instruction. Instead, after our warm up, we worked with partners to list at least 10 different 4 digit numbers using the digits 6, 1, 8 and 3. Tomorrow we will use out lists to identify how to create the largest and smallest possible numbers given a set of digits. There is a place value worksheet for homework.

After math, my homeroom saw a Power Point about the MAP-R assessment. This is a self adjusting reading assessment that all third, fourth and fifth graders take three times a year. The assessment is done completely on the computer, in the computer lab. As students answers questions correctly, the computer automatically provides more challenging questions. For students who struggle, the questions get easier. This provides another piece of data that we use for planning and instructional purposes.

Prior to going to the lab for the MAP-R, the students reviewed the characteristics of realistic fiction. Then we set up a concept map in their RRJ (reading response journal). Next, the students listened to the story Thundercake by Patricia Polacco and worked with their table group to identify one assigned aspect of realistic fiction (characters, setting, problem or solution) and how it was represented in the story. We will share these tomorrow.

Before going to lunch and recess, the entire class went to the computer lab to begin the MAP-R. They did not complete it in time, so they will finish it directly after recess.

We will end the day by going to a cultural arts assembly.

I am hoping to assign reading in their reading log tonight...but I may run out of time...check your child's planner!!!

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