Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And we're off...

Today feels like we have been running a race...very busy, yet quite productive!!

In math we reviewed subtraction with regrouping. I also gave the students an exit card...just a brief, one problem, check-in to see where their knowledge is with a specific skill or topic. Today's exit card was on place value. I will use this data to create small groups.

Speaking of small groups, we had two today. One used base ten blocks to regroup and then find the difference with two digit subtraction problems. The other worked on place value.

Tonight's math homework is a subtraction worksheet.

We began reading by discussing story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution). Then I introduced a t-chart with the problems I had already suffered today (LOL!!!)...headache, being thirsty, etc. The students identified solutions to my problems...take aspirin for my headache, drink a diet coke for my thirst, etc. This helped me cement the idea that in a story the solution must match the problem.

Next we read the story The Empty Pot and the students and I charted and discussed the problems and solutions in the story. When they went back to their seats, the students chose one problem to write about in their RRJ.

During independent work time, the students also completed their personal narrative rough drafts and sorted spelling words according to whether they had the long e or long a sound.

I met with reading groups:

Red: We reread their story and discussed character traits for Minh. Tonight, in their RRJ, they need to identify a character trait for Minh and use details from the story to support the trait.

Green: We shared their base words and suffixes and discussed any incorrect words. Then we began a new book. Tonight they need to read up to the sticky note, in their book, and get a parent signature int heir planner.

Blue: We shared the student's homework responses about their deepest wish. Some were great...others, not-so-much. We will definitely be working on written responses! For homework they need to reread their book and get a parent to sign their planner.

Following lunch and recess the students will work in small groups to create categories for a bunch of social studies words they will be given. They can group the words any way they wish but each group much have a rule.

We will end the day with a DVD about crime lab science.

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