Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

As I type, the sun is beginning to shine...it definitely reflects how our day has gone so far!

In math we reviewed rounding two digit numbers to the nearest ten. I believe that most kids own this concept, now. So tomorrow we will round three digit numbers to the nearest ten and numbers to the closest hundred. Additionally, today, I worked with a small group on solving three digit subtraction with regrouping problems. There is a TWO sided worksheet for homework.

We began reading by learning about the editing and conferencing process for our writing workshop. Basically, there is a two-sided worksheet (checklist) that guides the students through self and peer editing and conferencing. While I met with reading groups the students worked on their rough drafts, began the editing and conferencing process and previewed our first National Geographic.

A word about the magazines...these have been purchased, by the school, for each student. They are to be kept in the reading section of their binder. If an issue is lost, we can not replace it. However, students will still be expected to completed any assigned work that pertains to it. SOOOO...please help your child remember to keep it in their binder!

Reading Groups:

Blue: We continued reading Abuela's Weave but the group was struggling with it. I collected the book and we will begin a new, more appropriate book, tomorrow.

Green: We reviewed their unknown words from homework. Then we read and discussed the story. For homework they need to reread the story and identify the problem and solution by placing a sticky note, labeled either "p" or "s" in the text.

Red: We shared our pictures from homework and reread page 32 noting what needed to be added to our work. Then we continued reading the story. For homework the students need to read pages 32-45 and identify who is moving...this can be jotted in their planner!

Following lunch and recess we will complete our science activity (solving the crime) from yesterday. Then Mrs. Howard will stop by to discuss the SGA election process with the entire third grade.

Anyone interested in volunteering between 11:30 and 12:45, please contact me. This would involve keeping students on task during independent work time during our reading block. Thanks!

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