Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hump Day

Today was a busy day, indeed! We have had some technical issues (computer related) so this blog will be a bit brief.

In math we worked on creating the largest and smallest possible numbers when given a set of four digits. Unfortunately, we did not get to small groups. We had to take some extra time reviewing procedures and routines. I am hopeful that Friday will be much smoother!

We began reading by finishing out realistic fiction lesson from yesterday. Then we discussed procedures and routines as related to independent work time when I am working with small groups. The students learned about the "issue bin"...a place where they can leave notes for me when I am busy with a small group.

We also learned about Word of the Week....a program we will use to learn a new vocabulary word each week...this week's word is strive (to try very hard). AND we began our instruction of cursive handwriting with the lower case i and t.

After all of this, the students worked independently while I met with a reading group.

Following lunch recess and PE, the students returned to class and we had social studies. We chose a hobby drew a symbol for that hobby. Then we began guessing each other's hobbies. We will continue this on Friday!

No homework school tomorrow...

Also, Friday is NFL day...wear your favorite team's jersey or shirt!

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