Thursday, September 23, 2010


I wanted to start by letting all of you know that I will be out tomorrow at a dental appointment. Therefore, there will be no new blog posting.

In math we reviewed three digit subtraction when multiple regroupings are needed. Then the students wither worked independently on a worksheet or met in a small group. One small group worked on subtraction with regrouping. Another worked on identifying the rule for a numeric pattern and using the rule to extend the pattern. We will have a quiz tomorrow that will cover place value, subtraction with regrouping and numeric patterns. There is a pattern worksheet for homework.

A quick word about independent math work...students who are not meeting in a small group will typically be given a worksheet to complete independently. These worksheets, for various reasons, my not be completed in entirety. It is not my intention to have the students work on these at home...that would almost appear to be a punishment I do send home the unfinished worksheets so that you can see what they are working on and how they are doing.

To begin reading I reviewed the expectations for written assignments, again. Then I modeled a well-crafted response for yesterday's RRJ assignment. I made sure to point out issues I had seen in student work and clarify how to improve these areas. Then we read the story Library Lil and discussed and charted the plot.

While I met with reading groups the students wrote about the plot of Library Lil in their RRJs. They also completed a proofreading page in their spelling packet. After that they worked on any unfinished work such as the word of the week, cursive and their rough draft. If they had nothing else to do, they worked on correcting the spelling in their RRJ assignments and then read quietly.

Reading Groups:

Blue: We didn't meet today. We will review the list of unknown words in class tomorrow.

Green: We reviewed words with -ious to clarify sound and meaning. Then, after posing couple of comprehension questions, we discussed the difference between decoding (word calling) and reading for comprehension. Tonight they should reread up to the sticky on fluency and phrasing.

Red: To activate our prior knowledge we discussed challenges that families face, such as, divorce, death, new babies, etc. Then we began reading the story Talk About a Family. Tonight the children need to reread about to page 17 and tell an adult about Mr. Parker.

Following lunch and recess the students visited the media center. After that, Mrs. Howard will conduct a lesson about organization.

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