Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Monday!

...and it is a five day week!!!! That means we will continue with the rhythm and routine that we got into towards the end of last week! YEY!

In math we reviewed addition and subtraction in terms of parts and wholes; part + part = whole and whole - part = part. This led us nicely into practicing the steps of subtraction...most importantly the fact that we had to start at the TOP when we subtract because that is what we have. The students then worked independently on a subtraction worksheet while I met with a small group and practiced identifying the rule and using it to extend numeric patterns. There is a subtraction worksheet for homework.

We began reading by listening to the story called Everglades and identifying how the setting is important to the story. The students then worked independently on the following items; listing words, from their reading group books, with the long "a" and long "e" sound in their RRJs and using their storyboard to write a rough draft. I met with reading groups.

Blue: Practiced writing high frequency words on white boards and then finished reading and discussing Amelia's Road. For homework they need to draw a picture of their deepest wish and write about it in their RRJ.

Green: We discussed base words and suffixes and then identified words with suffixes in their reading group book. Tonight they need to reread their book and list 3-5 more words with suffixes, from their boo, in their RRJ.

Red: Needs to reread their reading group book and get a parent signature in their planner...we did not have a lot of time to meet in group. I will meet with this group first tomorrow!

Following lunch and recess the class will go to art. When they return we will define natural, human and capital resources. They will then identify the resources that are needed for their hobby as being one of the three.

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