Monday, September 27, 2010


It's hard to believe it, but we are halfway through the first marking period. Interim reports will be coming home later this week.

In math we reviewed the steps for rounding numbers to the nearest ten. The students took notes in their math journals but we did not have time for independent practice. Therefore, tonight's homework is a review of subtraction with regrouping.

The quizzes from Friday were scored this morning and will be coming home this evening.

In reading we read the story Flossie and the Fox. It is a SUPER story that is very entertaining. Ask your child about it! We reviewed the story elements and identified the plot. Then the students were to write a new ending to the book in their RRJ. They had done a similar assignment, with the substitute on Friday, so I was looking forward to seeing their work. Unfortunately, many students did not write a new ending. Instead they wrote about the plot! We will work on following direction and making sure that responses match the assignment!!

While the students did their RRJ assignment, practiced writing the letters f, p and j in cursive and corrected spelling in their RRJs, I met with reading groups.

Blue: We began reading Abuela's Weave. Tonight they need to reread up to the post-it note (this is the beginning of the story) and draw a picture and write about the beginning of the story in their RRJ.

Green: The group received a new book. Tonight they need to preview the book and list any unknown words. Just a reminder, unknown words are words they either don't know how to pronounce or they do not know the meaning.

Red: Discussed predictions for what will happen next. Then we continued reading. Tonight the students need to read pages 28-32 and draw a picture of the backyard (as described on page 32) in their RRJ.

Following indoor recess, the students went to art. When they return, we will use their knowledge of fingerprints to solve a "crime".

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