Friday, September 3, 2010


Thanks you to those who came out for Back to School Night last night. I really enjoyed talking with (okay, at) you!!!

This morning in math we reviewed writing 4 and 5 digit numbers in standard, expanded and word form. Then we practiced comparing numbers using <,>, or =.

I met with two small groups. One practiced writing 4 and 5 digit numbers in expanded form. The other identified the value of a digit in a larger number.

After math, I continued the informal reading assessments. The students worked with Mrs. Arul and Mrs. Hepner to create and define an understanding of the realistic fiction genre. Then they completed their base line personal narrative.

Following lunch and recess, the students went to music. When they return to the classroom, they will take fingerprints from their right hand and identify the main pattern in each.

Remember there is no school on Monday and Thursday of next week!!!

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