Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day...A good day thus far!

One of the best parts of my job is when students ask a good question...what exactly is a good question? Well, one that shows evidence of some sort of thought process...this includes questions such as, how did you get that 1? What is a three digit number? What does (fill in the blank) mean? I applaud students who ask questions that not only clarify THEIR thinking but also clue me in to what is challenging their learning. It makes my job SO much easier!!

Today we had many students asking good questions which has left me with the feeling that a lot of good learning was done today!!

In math we practiced rounding three digit numbers to the tens and hundreds. I worked with a small group on this skill, while the other students worked independently. There is a rounding worksheet for homework.

At the beginning of our reading block there was a school wide code blue/code red practice drill. This is simply an opportunity for students to learn the procedure in the event of an emergency. The students did well and nobody seemed worried or stressed!

After that I introduced a long term, at-home, required project...a paper bag book report. I reviewed the assignment sheet (which is in their home folders and needs to be signed by you tonight) AND I showed them an actual example. I feel pretty certain that the students have a clear picture in their head of what is expected. They are due on Tuesday, October 26.

Then I introduced a new word of the week (pact - an agreement) and handed out a worksheet that will help the children "get to know" their National Geographic magazines. The students worked on these assignments and their personal narratives as I met with students individually to conference with them on their writing pieces. Therefore, we did not meet in reading groups today.

I have to say, though, that I found the conferences to be quite productive AND I saw lots of great writing skills!!

Following lunch and recess the students went to PE. When they return we will clarify the difference between geographical characteristics and resources in social studies.

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