Friday, September 10, 2010


It's hard to believe, or should I say remember, that it is Friday, but it is!!!! Crazy, huh?

In math we reviewed place value and continued creating the greatest and smallest number possible when given 4 digits. I also introduced two anchor activities to the class. Anchor activities are on-going activities (for lack of a better word) that students can choose between, when they are finished with their assigned work, that help practice and strengthen math skills.

After that, the students worked on two worksheets independently, while I met with two small groups. One groups practiced using cards and base tens blocks to create the greatest and least possible number. The other group used base ten blocks and white boards to practice writing four digit numbers in expanded form.

We began our reading block by brainstorming words that describe Sponge Bob...yes, you read that right! As the students suggested ideas, I listed them on a side was for character traits and the other was for physical attributes. This allowed us to use a character we are all familiar with to develop a lengthy list of both. Then we identified how character traits and physical attributes differ.

Next we began reading Nate the Great on the Owl Express. As we read we identified character traits (NOT physical attributes) for characters in the story and evidence to support it.

Before going to lunch and recess, the children worked independently on writing the cursive letters u, w and e. They also worked on a crossword puzzle and other unfinished work. I caught up with some of the testing that I had not quite finished...OOPS!

Currently, the students are enjoying lunch, recess and music. When they return we will finish sharing the symbols for their hobbies that they drew on Wednesday. Then we will discuss what exactly a resource is and make a list of resources needed for each of our hobbies.

I am sending home two Scholastic book order forms. If you choose to order, the completed forms and a check are due back no later than next Friday, September 17.

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