Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Friday!!!!

It's Friday, therefore it is quiz day in math. We took our first quiz today. The quizzes have been scored and should be in your child's binder in the math section. Please review it with him/her. Overall, the results were good but we need to be a bit more specific on written explanations.

After the quiz I taught the class how to play hundred's chart tic tac toe. This will become another anchor activity that they can do when they are finished with their class work.

We began reading by listening to the book Where the River Begins. Our purpose for reading was to chart words and pictures the author used to strengthen the sensory images in his reader's minds. After that, the students each chose an object (either their own or one I provided) and completed a graphic organizer using vivid words to describe each of the 5 senses. They then used the organizer to help them write a descriptive paragraph about their object. When they completed that task, they moved on to any other unfinished work from the week. I met with reading groups.

Red: We reviewed their word list from homework and then read and discussed the book.

Green: We shared their responses from homework last night and identified what made an answer good. We also suggested ways to improve responses.

Blue: We reviewed the RRJ responses from homework and discussed being more specific...overall, I was disappointed. Then we read another page in their book.

Following lunch and recess the class went to music. After music we will use cocoa powder to dust for fingerprints!

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