Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Marches On...

Ever wish you had more time to get things done? We had such a productive morning, yet it seems like we never have enough time...

In math, we began with a formative that covered estimation and pictographs. Please review it with your child this evening. We also went over the pictograph we had done in class yesterday. I took time to talk about common errors that were made. Then I assigned the exact same pictograph for homework tonight. Tomorrow, I plan to have the children use the pictograph to create a bar graph showing the exact same data.

During reading, I met with my JGB group and began a new story, The Fisherman and His Wife. We did a story opener activity...ask you children (if they are in this group) about it...MANY said they would NOT wish for a million dollars because their parents don't need it! Good to know! LOL! My Roy group will meet with me after lunch but they were answering a BCR (brief constructed response) in their reading log. My Flash group was also answering a BCR in their reading logs.

Following PE, lunch and recess, the students will continue working on their reading assignments or meeting with me in their reading groups. They will also work on writing personal narratives. We will be doing another graded personal narrative on Friday.

Then Mrs. Howard will be visiting us for a Stop and Think lesson!

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