Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grumpy Mrs. Holman :-) my math class is probably hating me right now...we had what I thought was a good discussion about how we all need to put effort into our learning and that I know they are all capable, etc. etc. Then when we were doing a practice worksheet I had students who had blank worksheets...even after the answers had been written on the white board AND students who admitted that they hadn't read the problem. So, as you can imagine, we stopped and talked about THIS...and I was a bit grumpy! There is a worksheet (2 sided) for homework tonight and a quiz that will include numeric patterns, place value, rounding and a word problem.

After math, the students chose new spelling words, identified pronouns and learned 3 new cursive letters (a, d, and g). During that time, students practiced their flashcards, I met with a group and began reading Amber Brown is Not a Crayon and discussed character traits AND got my Junior Great Books group doing a reread of The Master Cat with partners. They also had a follow up worksheet to complete.

This afternoon we will head to the computer and use Microsoft Word to write a caption for a picture that is inserted into a document. Yes, we did this last week but I discovered some areas of confusion that need to be cleared up! The children weren't comfortable with getting text and/or pictures on their documents in the location that they wanted them. So I will be addressing using the space bar, the enter button and the tab key.

Following the computer lab, I had planned on continuing the writing lesson from yesterday. We focused on writing great beginnings to our personal narratives. Today I was hoping to talk about endings...but I might finish up the spelling and reading lessons from this morning...we'll see how alert they are after recess!

Remember...Octoberfest is Sunday...Parent Visitation is Monday...AND book orders are due Monday!

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