Thursday, October 25, 2007


This afternoon we had a guest speaker, Officer Jacob from the MCPD, talk to the children about drugs...more importantly how to say NO to drugs.

Before that, the class visited the computer lab and learned how to save a document (and retrieve the document) in their "folder" that is on our school server.

Prior to lunch and indoor recess, we spent a lot of time investigating the dictionary ( a non-fiction resource text). We learned about using guide words and the "other" information that dictionaries provide (syllables, parts of speech, pronunciation, etc.) besides definitions. We also used guide words to locate three words in the dictionary. After that, the children worked independently on practice buddy check, cursive handwriting (capital A, O and D) and any other unfinished work they had. While they were doing that, I met with the ROY group to read and discuss chapter 6. I also worked on word chains with the FLASH group. The JGB group worked on a Story Opener, with me, in preparation for a new story. Additionally, some students had the opportunity to practice their reading one-on-one with Mrs. Bonvillain. It was a very productive chunk of time!!!

Before THAT, my math class worked on a review packet for the unit 1 assessment which will take place on Tuesday, October 30. We will continue work on the review packet tomorrow and go over it either tomorrow or Monday.

Remember that we have a spelling test tomorrow and that spelling homework is due, too! Also, please send in you $3 for the Halloween party, which is next Wednesday at 2:15. Also, there is no school for STUDENTS on Thursday, November 1. It is a report card prep day!

Did you notice that I reviewed the day in reverse?!?! Trying to keep you on your feet! ;-)

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