Monday, October 8, 2007

Quick Weekend Update

Wow! The Octoberfest was a blast! My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves..and so did I! I just want to publicly thank our awesome PTA for a fantastic afternoon!

Also, I wanted to give a brief update to my math class...

overall, I was pleased with the progress that the children demonstrated on our most recent math quiz. However, I am sensing that many students are dealing with some math anxiety. Since we still have one "section" left in this unit (graphing and data analysis), on Friday, I let the kids vote. They had the choice to begin graphing on Monday (today) or to continue with word problems. I truly felt like the class needed a break...and apparently I was right.

The class voted to move onto graphing today. We will revisit word problems, patterns and place value, but this will give the children a bit of a break...hopefully! :-)

A couple of children didn't want to move on yet. So, in an effort to meet everyone's needs, I promised that my small group instruction would focus on word problems, rounding and place value.

I do hope this gives, you, the family, a glimpse into what is going on in our classroom...

Remember, I encourage you to leave your opinions, questions or comments on this blog...I want it to be interactive!! :-)

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