Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Ribbon Week

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week this week with many different activities to remind students to say NO to drugs! This morning we signed a pledge and this afternoon we will hang it in the hallway. Thanks to Mrs. Howard, we have a variety of activities to get this important message across to the children!

In math class this morning, we reviewed identifying the rule and completing decreasing numeric patterns. Many students are still struggling with this concept. There is a worksheet for homework that provides more practice. Additionally, I met with a group of students to further practice this skill.

The students will also be bringing home their graded math quiz from last Thursday. PLEASE review it with you child and sign the top. If you see areas where your child struggled, feel free to create similar problems by switching the numbers. This is one way you can help your child.

During reading we spent time listing and discussing different text features in non-fiction text. We also discussed the many ways we might read to be informed....for example, reading a menu at a restaurant, signing up for piano lessons, reading directions to play a computer game, etc. WE also used text features to read and comprehend a book called Those Fabulous Frogs. Tomorrow we will begin dictionary skills and using the table of contents and an index to get information in non-fiction text.

Following art, lunch and recess, we changed jobs, added work to our Braggin' Dragon board and visited the Book Fair...beware...your children have LONG wish lists from the book child's list totals $'s a hint...I taught this student's older sibling!!

After that, we began a new read aloud entitled Wishes, Kisses and Pigs. It's about a girl who turns her brother into a pig...if only... Then we did a Red Ribbon Week activity.

The children do have a reading comprehension homework sheet to complete tonight and spelling homework is due this we have a spelling test on Friday!

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