Monday, October 8, 2007

Open House

This morning was the annual MCPS Open House for parents to visit their children "in action". I hope the parents who were able to visit, found their time well spent and were pleased with their students progress.

In math, we went to the computer lab. We created a data chart that indicated the number of dogs, cats, fish and birds our math class has as pets. Then we used that data to create a bar graph using Graph Club, a software package. We spent time creating a title, labels and playing around with the numeric scale of the graph. Students printed a copy to take home. Ask your child to identify elements needed on a graph (title, labels...) and have them show you them on their graph! Also, wee if they can explain the numeric scale to you. Their homework for tonight is to get their quiz signed.

In reading we reviewed and identified pronouns and nouns. We also began reading George Washington's Breakfast by Jean Fritz. We will finish reading it this afternoon and discuss whether it is fiction or non fiction.

I also promised the class that we could do some research about George Washington's era using the Internet...the children had many questions which I was unable to answer!

Our class also went to art today and will go to the media center for a book exchange this afternoon!

If time permits, we will begin editing and revising our personal narratives.

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Leigh Isaacs said...

Thanks for having us at today's open house. We really enjoyed seeing the kids "in action."

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