Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss me?

I tried to blog yesterday but to no avail...

I had to leave early to take my 6 year old, Michael, to the doctor. So I was unable to blog at lunch. When I tried to blog last night, the server for Blog Spot was down. Oh well!

In math we are reviewing three digit subtraction when regrouping is needed in more than one column. We are also creating bar graphs using data that is provided. Yesterday we spent time talking about the scales on a bar graph...today when they created their own bar graph, the children needed to realize that the scale had to count by tens. All graphs must include a title and labels. When numbering the graph, children need to number the lines, not the spaces.

During reading I was able to meet with every reading group! YEY! I had a wonderful discussion with both my JGB and ROY groups...it's so much fun to discuss the characters in fiction and hear what students think about their actions. The JGB group spent a lot of time discussing greediness while the ROY group spent time discussing how the mood of the characters changed from the beginning to the end of chapter 4. My FLASH group was still in the middle of reading with me when it was time to go to lunch.

The students also searched for words with the -er SOUND and practiced writing the letters n, m and v in cursive.

This afternoon we will finish our reading instruction from the morning. We will also begin to edit some of our writing. Then we will explore the Earth's physical geography by watching a video using United Streaming.

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