Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Put a Cap on Drugs!

Today students were allowed to wear hats to remind them to say NO to drugs...tomorrow students are encouraged to wear a jersey for their favorite team for Red Ribbon Week.

In math, we continued to practice identifying and completing numeric patterns. We also reviewed place value. Tomorrow we will review word problems.

During reading, we reviewed non-fiction text features, the table of contents and the index specifically. We also met in reading groups. Mrs. Isaacs helped with my FLASH group. The JGB group had a GREAT discussion about whether or not they thought Alice and the fisherman had troubles prior to the fisherman catching the enchanted fish...lots of good insight was shared using information from the text as support. The ROY group read chapters 5&6 independently and then we read chapter 5 as a group. We also had a nice discussion about Amber worrying herself sick with the thought of Justin moving away.

Following lunch and recess, the children worked in reading groups and on independent work a bit more. Then we shared our morning work journals. After that, we practiced creating our own graphic organizer to plan our writing. Following a Red Ribbon Week activity and a read aloud, it was time for home!

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