Tuesday, October 30, 2007

End of Unit 1

Today all of the children took the unit 1 math assessment in their math classes. That took most of the morning. After that, Miss Jones read two Halloween stories to my class.

Following lunch and recess, a representative from the Rotary Club and Boy Scouts gave the children dictionaries and talked to them about "service". Then we watched the second segment of Econ and Me and discussed opportunity cost...ask your children what it is...(the choice you give up when choosing something else). Finally, Mrs. Howard came in to do a lesson about responsibility with the children.

Wow! Short blog today...why do I feel SO tired?!?!

Halloween parade and party begins at 2:15 tomorrow...costumes should be labelled with your child's name and brought in a bag.

Also, NO SPELLING this week...we will start a new spelling cycle next week! :-)

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